33rd Sunday of OT

  1. Feasts of the week:
    21st Tuesday, Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary
    22nd Wednesday, St. Cecilia – Memorial
    25th Saturday, St. Catherine of Alexandria
  2. Today is the 7th world day of the poor. On this occasion may we request you to consider the poor people who are given food daily through Gerards Kitchen project of the parish? You could contribute to feeding the poor as you celebrate different joyful occasions in your family.
  3. Today also is International Men’s day. Let us pray for all the men.
  4. Next Sunday we celebrate the feast of Christ the Universal King.
  5. There will be a night vigil service in Tamil on Saturday from 10pm to 5am.
  6. The Society of St. Vincent De Paul, Holy Ghost Conference is completing 70 years of its service to the deserving families of the Parish on next Sunday, the 26th of this month. On this occasion they are offering a thanksgiving mass as well as mass for the souls of the departed SSVP members. The families of the departed members of SSVP are requested to contact any of the existing members and give their contact details for future communications.