32nd Sunday of OT

  1. Feasts of the week:
    14th Children’s Day- let us thank God for the gift of children to each family who are the reflection of God’s love to humanity.
    15th St. Albert the great,
    17th St. Elizabeth of Hungary,
    18th Dedication of the Basilicas of Ss. Peter & Paul.
  2. Today we are celebrating a Redemptorist Missionary Vocation Sunday. Your contribution will be sent to our Mission in Kenya therefore request you to kindly be generous. We thank our PPC members, our seminarians, Holy Ghost Parish youth and altar Servers for their hard work and sacrifices to make it happen in our parish.
  3. We thank each and every one for your generous support towards the mission Sunday fund. The following amount is from the different BEC groups
    S. No Name of the BEC group/Institutions Amount
    1 Mission Sunday 1,64,500/-
    2 St. Francis of Assisi 1,00,000/-
    3 Nazareth 93,200/-
    4 St Lourdes 64,315/-
    5 Divine Mercy 50,000/-
    6 Shalom 39,000/-
    7 Holy Ghost English youth 15,795/-
    8 Holy Ghost Kannada Youth 7,300/-
    9 Holy Ghost Tamil youth 5,290/-
    10 St. Anne’s of Luzern sisters 5,200/-
    11 St. Thomas Aquinas 2,630/-
    TOTAL 5,49,230/-
  4. The above amount has been sent to the Archbishop’s house. Corpus Christi BEC’s contribution is Rs. 12,000/- and St. Jerome’s BEC’s contribution is Rs. 400/- we thank all the members.
  5. We request all those who have submitted their forms for the MLC Graduate, kindly bring your originals for scrutiny. Mrs. Cynthia Menezes has kindly agreed to attest the required documents in our parish at 10 am to 12 noon tomorrow morning.
  6. Next Sunday on 19th of this month 35 children will be receiving their first Holy Communion at 10-30 am mass.
  7. In preparation for our annual feast, there will be nine weeks of Novena in Tamil from 16th of November onwards. Each Thursday Novena will have a special theme on handling Emotional disturbances and imbalances.
  8. Frs. James Kumar and Siluvai Muthu will be going for the annual retreat from 12th November and will not be available in the office till 17th November.
  9. We welcome more singers to join our regular English choirs. If interested kindly contact Fr. Sandeep at the earliest.