# Global Pandemic has affected everyone without any discrimination in one way or the other. It has brought the fast moving world at large to a stand still which is a real shock or unforeseen by all. Locally as everyone felt the fear of this Corona, made us to keep us apart and not bring us closer. Social distance made its negative impact on the life of the poor and the middle class in a hard way. The second wave of the Corona Pandemic brought untold miseries with many deaths which has shattered many families.

Holy Ghost Parish like many decided to reach out to such families affected with Corona ( families who have lost their member due to corona, under treatment due to corona or families in quarantine due to corona). A team was formed and with the help of the SCC leaders, target group were identified in our parish. They were given ration worth of Rs.1500/= for each family. During these difficult times, widows, physically challenged as well as very poor families were also given rations as they had lost jobs.

I with other Parish Clergy thank all the donors in kind and cash for their support towards this philanthropic act. I also thank the SCC leaders who were willing to offer their service in reaching out to the poor and the needy in the parish.