NOTICE – 24/10/2021

 30th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Feast of the Week: 28th Sts. Simon &Jude –Apostles.

Advent Mission is arranged in the Parish in all the three languages: 1st week in English, 2nd week in Kannada and 3rd week in Tamil. In view of this, the mission Fathers are visiting the houses for blessing as well as to invite you for the mission. They are happy to meet you as a family from Monday – Oct 25th. The SCC leaders will guide the mission fathers. The areas to be visited and houses to be blessed are Kariyanapalya, Giddappa Block & Old & New Bagalur Layout.

During the House visits, there may be a few houses that are left out or not present at the time of visit. You may contact your SCC leaders or leave your address at the parish Office or at the reception. Two mission fathers will be available for house blessings / confession/ counselling daily from 4.30 – 8.15pm.

Friends of Jesus Tamil youth will conduct Chain Rosary today from 2,.00pm to 5 pm in Room 7.

You are invited to register yourself for the Talent Hunt season – 6 outside the church. Competition will be held on  20th Nov 2021.

We are forming SCC groups in all the areas of the parish. I request you to cooperate and be part of the group.

Sunday catechism classes will resume from 1st Sunday of November. Parents please send your children.

Holy Communion in Tamil will be on 14th November at 10.30am.

Kannada Rajyotsava will be celebrated on 1st November and the kannada mass will be at

All Souls day masses will be at Kalpally Cemetry from 10. Am. Holy Ghost will celebrate the mass at 3pm  in Tamil. On that day there will be a kannada at Holy Ghost Church at 7.30am.

The Parish Clergy will be available on the following days: Fr. Lawrence on Mon & Thursday, Fr. Louis on Wed & Sat, Fr. John Paul on Tuesday & Fridays. Parish Priest will be available daily in the office.

St. Jude’s Church, Naganapalya will be celeting the annual feast on Sunday 31st Oct.

Seminary Brothers express their gratitude for patronizing their effort onlast Sunday towards protecting the environment.