29th Sunday of Ordinary Time- 16.10.2022

NOTICE :– 16th Oct 2022

29th   Sunday of OT

Feasts of the week: Today is the feast St. Gerard, 17th St. Ignatius of Antioch, 18th St. Luke, 22nd St. John Paul II.

Mission Sunday programmes are organized and taking place with the cooperation of the SCC groups. There is outdoor collection taken by the volunteers.

SCC leaders are given rafle rickets and calenders. Please extend your support as the SCC leaders will come to your homes. Those leaders who have not taken them are requested to take from the reception after the mass.

Its time to take a break from cooking and enjoy the sumptuous home cooked food at our food stalls. Please patronize these stalls as the proceedings will go to the mission Sunday. St. Francis of Assisi SCC have put food stall for this intention. Make a visit and you will be surprised.

 October is dedicated to Rosary. SCC leaders will bring the Mother Mary statue. Please welcome and pray the rosary and receive the blessing.

SCC office bearers meeting was held on Wednesday and certain govet schemes such as Health card and Esharm card were explained with its benefits. SCC leaders will come to your houses to explain. Please cooperate for your own good to get the government benefits.

Parish Friends of Jesus Tamil youth is organizing talent hunt event in November. Those who would like to participate may enroll your names outside the church.

 God bless you all.


Parish Priest