28th Sunday of Ordinary Time- 9.10.2022

NOTICE :– 9th Oct 2022

28th   Sunday of OT

Feasts of the week: 15th St. Teresa of Avila.

Next Sunday 16th is the feast of St. Gerard. We will celebrate the Feast in all the masses. Three days of novena is conducted at st. Gerard’s Chapel from Thursday evening.

 Mission Sunday celebration and to collect fund for this purpose:-

There will be the outdoor collection from this Sunday after the mass for this purpose.Volunteers are standing with dumb box outside the church. This collection will be taken on every Sunday in October after every Sunday mass.

The SCC groups joining together to put up food and other stalls from this Sunday. Its going to be home made and delicious dishes. Don’t prepare anything at home for breakfast but you can get it here itself. Your small contribution will surely be a great support for evangelization.

 The SCC leaders will come to your houses with rafel tickets and calenders. You can buy more tickets as you see attractive prizes and show your support to spread the message of Christ.

Those who could give donation or sponsor prizes or any new items for sale would be greatly appreciated.

It’s a special effort taken by many and your cooperation and support will truly reflect the call of Jesus “You will be my witnesses”.

Secondly regarding the wedding masses in church were discussed elaborately and the timing of the wedding or special masses are once again revised for the better preparation and celebration of the regular parish masses without any disturbances.

There will be three wedding mass time on Monday, Tuesday and Friday. Two wedding masses will be on Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday which are novena days. One wedding mass on Sundays at 2.30pm.

October is dedicated to Rosary. SCC leaders will bring the Mother Mary statue. Please welcome and pray the rosary and receive the blessing.

SCC office bearers meeting is organized on Wednesday 12th at 6pm parish hall. Request all to attend the meeting.

Parish Friends of Jesus Tamil youth is organizing talent hunt event in November. Those who would like to participate may enroll your names outside the church.

 God bless you all.


Parish Priest