Holy Family of Jesus

Church Announcements
  1. Today we celebrate the feast of the Holy Family of Jesus. There will be no evening masses today.
  2. New Year Vigil masses will be as follows: English at 9:00 pm with Adoration at 8:30 pm, in Kannada Adoration and mass at 10:30 pm, and in Tamil at 12:00 am. On New Year’s Day, the masses will be as on Sundays. There will be no evening masses.
  3. Feasts of the week:
    2nd January, Saints Basil the Great and Gregory Nazianzen
    3rd January, Feast of Most Holy Name of Jesus.
    5th January, John Neumann, a Redemptorist saint and feast of St. John Neumann BEC at Pillana Garden first stage. Wish all the families of 1st stage of Pillana Garden a very happy feast of their patron.
  4. Next Sunday is the feast of Epiphany of the Lord.
  5. 4th January is first Thursday, and there will be a special novena in Tamil at 10:30 am.
  6. 5th January is first Friday and adoration in English at 7:30 am, Tamil at 5:30 pm, and Kannada at 6:30 pm.
  7. Parish newsletter “Living Water” is printed and distributed outside the church. You can have a copy for your family.