Announcements for Palm Sunday

NOTICE – 10.4.2022



We enter into Holy week to celebrate the Lord’s supper – the institution of the Holy eucharist, the Lord’s passion and Resurrection. On Maundy Thursday there will be no morning masses. The evening services are 5.00pm English, 6.30pm kannada and 8 pm Tamil. Adoration: Tamil at 9.30pm, Kannada: 10.15pm and English: 11pm. Details are on the notice board. Details are also on the church website.

You are requested to park your vehicles in parking ground only and entry -exit is from John Armstrong road.

Parish Office will remain closed from Thursday to Saturday.

Confessions will be on Mon to Wed from 6.30am – 10 am and 5pm – 8pm. Details are on the notice board. Priests are available during these times. Donot wait for the last minute disturb the priests who will be preparing for services.

Today’s contribution will be sent to Bishop’s house for Hunger & Disease. Good Friday collection will be sent for Holy Land Maintenance and Easter Sunday collections will be sent for Mission works in the Archdiocese.

MPH Institute is offering computer courses for students. Please send your children who have finished Xstd.


God Bless you all.


Parish Priest