Easter Vigil : 8-4-2023

NOTICE :– 8/04/2023 


In the name of Fr. Edward – Provincial, Parish Clergy, Celebrants, all the fathers and religious of the parish, we wish you all a very happy Easter.

We thank all those who assisted during the Holy Week and Easter – Celebrants, Priests for confession, Volunteers, Legion of Mary, ushers, SCC leaders, sisters, Choir, Altar Servers, Church helpers, Pius Associations, youth groups, sound system, and every one of you who cooperated for the meaningful celebrations.

A very special thanks to Mr. Peter and his colleagues for the flower decoration of the church. May all their intentions be blessed.

Morning masses are as on Sundays. There will be no evening masses.

Please listen: Do not come to take the holy water after the mass. Holy water will be given from Monday only.

There will be no confessions from Monday to Saturday.

Three of the parish clergy Frs. Lawrence, Louis and John Paul will be attending meeting till 20th of April. They will not be available in the office. Only important matters will be attended at the office.

Bro. Pradeep Antony L S/O Late Louis A and Hymavathi A residing at Venkateshpuram will be professing his solemn vows on 3rd May. This is the first Announcement. If you know any impediments, you are bound to inform the parish priest.


God bless you.


Parish Priest