3rd Sunday of Easter – 1.5.2022

NOTICE :– 1.5.2022


Today is the feast of St. Joseph the workers day. Lets pray for all the workers as well as that they receive justice.

Feasts: Sts. Philip and James, Apostles

There will be novena in Tamil on 5th May, at 11.00 am, first Thursday of the Month.


On 6th of May is the First Friday of the month. Adoration: 7.30 am in English, 5.30 PM in Tamil and 7 PM in Kannada.

Next Sunday is Vocation Sunday. Let us pray for vocations.  If any girls or boys are interested to become priests or sisters, may contact the priests for guidance.

Fathers have started the Easter House blessing. Your SCC leaders will inform you the date through watsapp groups or please contact the SCC leaders in your area.

This is the Marian Month. Praying Rosary in the houses is a blessing. Zonal leaders and SCC groups are going to different houses with the statue of Mother Mary praying rosary. Welcome them.

VBS in Tamil will be conducted from 8th – 10th May in Tamil. Enroll your names outside the church. Those who would like to help make give your names.

We are in need of teachers for English catechism. If anyone is interested may give your names to one of the parish clergy.


parish clergy.