3rd Sunday of Easter – 23.4.2023

NOTICE :– 23/04/2023

3rd Sunday of Easter

Feasts: 25th St Mark, Evangelist, 29th St. Catherine of Sienna.

Medial camp is organized today. Doctors are available in the rooms next to parish Office from 9 am – 1 pm. Make use of this facility. I thank the Archangels SCC for organizing this medical camp.

Next Sunday is Vocation Sunday. Let us pray for vocations.  If any girls or boys are interested to become priests or sisters, may contact the priests for guidance.

VBS in Tamil will be conducted from 27th – 29th of April in Tamil. Enroll your children’s names after the mass outside the church.

Bro. Pradeep Antony L S/O Late Louis A and Hymavathi A residing at Venkateshpuram will be professing his solemn vows on 3rd May. This is the second Announcement. If you know any impediments, you are bound to inform the parish priest.

God bless you.


Parish Priest