2nd Sunday OT : 15-01-2023

Notice : 2nd Sunday of OT – 15-1-2023

We the Redemptorists are celebrating the Golden Jubilee of becoming a Redemptorist Province of Bangalore this year. There is a solemn thanksgiving Eucharist on 17th January at 5.30pm in the seminary ground to thank God for his blessings. Rev. Fr. Edward Joseph, The Provincial and the Redemptorists cordially welcome each and every one of you to join us in this celebration as our pastoral commitment in this Holy Ghost parish and in India is celebrated. You have been part of the Redemptorist family. Please join us in thanking God on this special occasion for the mass and cultural programme.

Next two weeks are special for us as we are going to celebrate the feast of Mother of Perpetual Help on 26th January. Flag hoisting will take place on coming Thursday 19th Jan at 5.45pm followed by Tri-lingual mass by Archbishop Emeritus Bernard Moras.

Flag hoisting procession order is discussed in the parish council and organised and request others not to enter the procession order. The flag will be carried only by the Parish Council members. All the SCC office bearers will carry their flags in the procession.

Solemn Novena devotion will begin from 20th -28th at 5.pm in English, 6.15pm in Kannada and 7.30pm in Tamil. Masses in the morning: 6 am in English, 6.30 am in Tamil and 7.00 am in Kannada. For further details, see the notice board or collect the handbills outside the church.

During the novena days, park your vehicles in the parking ground.

Volunteers are outside church to receive donation for the expenses towards feast. Please be generous.

There is a dumb box at the entrance and you can put your donations for the feast expenses.  

Priests will not be available in the Parish Office on Monday and Tuesday due to meeting and Jubilee.

Feast of St. John the Evangelist, Chinnappa Garden is celebrating the feast on Sunday 22nd Jan.

Seminar on Ecumenism will be held on 21 & 22nd Jan at NBCLC.

God bless you.


Parish Priest