19th Sunday of Ordinary Time- 07.08.2022

NOTICE :– 07-08-2022

19th Sunday of OT


Today Sunday is the Prison Ministry Sunday. A Special collection will be taken by the Prison Ministry of India outside the Church. They take care for the release and rehabilitation of the prisoners. Please contribute generously.

Feasts:  8th St. Dominic, 10th St Lawrence, 11th St. Clare,

On 15th feast of the Assumption of the BVM. It’s a day of obligation. The masses are as of Sunday. It’s the 75th Independence Day of India.

Sacrament of Confirmation is on these days at 7.00 pm: November 21st in English, 22nd in Tamil and 23rd in Kannada.

Sacrament of First Holy Communion will be on the following days: November 6th in Kannada and Tami, Nov 26th in English.

Please consult the priests in the office before proceeding with disparity of cult or mixed marriages. There are certain hurdles due to anti conversion bill. Please take precautions to avoid problems.

Little sisters of the poor express their heartfelt gratitude for your generous contribution last week.

Holy Land tour is organized in November from Holy Ghost Church after two years. There many who want to be part of this pilgrimage. You can enroll your names with Frs. Anthony Swamy and Louis Raj.  

 God bless you all.


Parish Priest