1. The Purpose of this competition is to make people read the Bible and understand better.

2. Participants can be of any age group and from any parish. People of other faith also can participate.

3. The work should contain all the chapeters of the Acts.

4. Version of the Bible used should be mentioned on the front pageof the work.

5. Chapter number and chaper headings to be included.

6. The work must be fully hand written only by one person.

7. Participants may use any language, book, paper and ink of their choice.

8. Write in a single column on a page and not in double coulmns as seen in the Bibles. The verse numbering can be given before each verse

or on the left side margin.

9. Name, Registration number and Phone Number should be written on the front page or back cover.

10. As many Prizes will be given as there are sponsors.

11. Special prizes will be given for good presentation, handwriting and style.

12. Participants can register their names any day before 30 September with Rs. 100/-

13. Winners will be chosen by lucky draw. A panel of judges will decide on special prizes.


Friday, July 7, 2017