Ninth day - gift of the Holy Spirit - “Self-Control”

Saturday, June 3, 2017

When it comes to self-control we all can agree that we lack in this one for sure. There are areas in our lives where we have no control what so ever, here are just a few in which we lack, eating, respect, love, discipline, and so much more.

Even when it comes to getting a mate we lack self-control we tend to seek after people who is not for us and those who are single lack self-control over their bodies and those who are married lack self-control over being a husband and the woman lack self-control on being a help mate.

The reason we lack self-control is because we are so self-centered about ourselves if it don’t benefit us then we say for get it, if it causes us to wait longer then we have to we move on to some other place.

Even our worship to God lacks self-control we aren’t disciplining ourselves to His word we aren’t disciplining ourselves to prayer and fellowship with other people. But God tells us that we must have this spirit activated in our lives daily. For when we are self-control people we aren’t led by our feelings but we are led by the spirit of GOD.

If you and I do not have self-control operating through us we will have very little victory in our lives we will become judgmental, critical of others and have un- forgiveness in our hearts and thoughts. A person who has self-control active in their lives are calm people they approach life not by what is thrown at them but by how they react by whom they serve. They aren’t tossed by every wind but they are ground rooted in Jesus word.