DAY 23 - Find Hope In The Storm - Fight worry , fear and anxiety with the promises of God. - 23rd August 2017

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

When you need to be reminded of God’s protection
In a world that can often feel like a scary place, fear and worry sometimes get the best of us. We long for
God’s protection, and for His constant Presence over those we love. His Word reminds us over and over
not to fear, but to be confident He is near. Pray through the verses of Psalm 91, ask God for His protection
and covering over your family and home. Pray for the peace of His Spirit to help you rest, knowing that
with Him, we dwell in Safety. Thank Him that He is our Rock, our Shield, and Deliverer.
Psalm 91
Write: In your journal, make 3 columns: Promises, Truths, and Commands. Re-read Psalm 91
and write down every truth, promise and command that you read. Then meditate on these truths and
promises, asking God to help you remember them in moments of fear.

Blessed Day to You!