Eighth Sunday of Ordinary Time

  • Main feasts of the week: 1st March: Ash Wednesday
  • 3rd: First Friday of the month
  • 4th: St. Casimir
  • The season of Lent begins on 1st March- Ash Wednesday. It is a day of Fast and Abstinence. All those who have completed the age of 14 are bound to observe abstinence from meat and the law of fast obliges those who are between the age of 18 and 60.
  • During lent Alleluia and Gloria are omitted. Celebration of marriage is not forbidden. But there should be moderation in the celebration.
  • On Ash Wednesday, during Mass, after the homily, ashes will be blessed and the faithful will be signed with ashes.
  • Wednesday Masses: 5.45 am- English, 6.30- Tamil, 7.15- Kannada, 8.00- English, 11.00- Tamil. Evening 5.15- Tamil, 6.00- Kannada and 7.00- English
  • During Fridays of Lent: Way of the Cross- 7.30 am in English, 11.00 in Tamil, 5.15 pm in Kannada, 6.30 in English and 7.00 pm in Tamil.
  • From today onward one of the priests will be available for confession every day from 6.00 pm to 7.00 pm in the room near the Blessed Sacrament Chapel. On Fridays during lent we shall arrange more priests for confession.
  • During this season of Lent, in order to familiarize with the Word of God we are organizing a Scripture Writing competition. Write the four gospels, in your own hands, during the months of March, April and May. Participants may use paper sixe and ink color of their choice. The quality of handwriting is not a criterion for winning the prize. Participants can be of any age group from anywhere or any parish and can write in any language. Brothers and sisters too can take part. Winners will be decided by lucky draw. 1st Prize: Rs.25,000/-, 2nd Prize: Rs.15,000/- and third prize: Rs.10,000/. Also every participant will get a complimentary prize. Participants need to register their names with Rs.100/- For rules and guidelines kindly contact the Parish Priest or the Parish Office.
  • Konkani Catholic Association is organizing retreat in Konkani next Sunday at KROSS building, near Ascension Church.
  • Those who like to offer flowers for the Blessed Sacrament Chapel kindly contact the Parish Office. Like to have fresh flowers at least every second day. It may cost Rs.2000/- per day. If 15 people come forward every month we can have fresh flowers in the chapel always.
  • Booking has started for the European tour. Kindly contact Fr. Christopher.
  • From today onward sisters and brothers who will help in distributing Holy Communion may kindly wear the proper stole and wash hands before and after giving communion.


Paul. P., C.Ss.R.


Parish Priest


Tuesday, February 28, 2017