From the Parish Priest

             A young man was serving a sentence in jail when a priest came to visit him. He was grieved to see him among hardcore criminals. He put his hand on his shoulder and with a loving look said to him, “My friend how is it that you too are here?” The young man was deeply moved and with tears in his eyes replied, “Father, I wouldn’t be here if someone had only put his hand on my shoulder like this before. No one cared for me. No one loved me.”

              The general situation of the 2nd wave of Covid-19 demanded everyone’s attention and empathy. Many responded in various ways to those who needed a listening ear, helping hand and words of comfort. Many provided their services, shared their resources, distributed ration kits, fed the hungry and opened Covid care centers and counseling centers.

           Thus though the churches were closed for public worship, hearts were opened. Holy Ghost Church played its prophetic role of reaching out to the needy especially the Covid affected families, widows and poor with ration kits. We achieved this noble deed with the help of the generosity of many of our parishioners. This goes to say that humanity is not dead but alive. We are never rejected; rather there is always someone to love the poor, the needy and the suffering.

            We are loved by God and therefore need to come back to Him. So, once the situation returns to normal let us return to celebrate Mass in the Church as a living community of God and not continue to rely on the online or TV Masses. Let us not set a new normal to our children by exposing them to TV spirituality. Instead we need to insist on the spirituality of a living community. All the weekday and Sunday services are conducted in the church as per our original schedule.

            It is wonderful to see the faithful visiting the church and attending Masses. Let us all be steadfast in our prayer and seek God’s continued blessings and protection from all dangers. We need to keep our faith and overcome every challenge. I conclude with these lines of assurance: “God did not remove the red sea. He parted it. God doesn’t always remove your problems, but He will make a way to get you through them.”


Fr. Anthony Swamy, C.Ss.R

Parish Priest