Pope Francis on Trinity Sunday

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

"The Christian community, though with all its human limitations, can become a reflection of the communion of the Trinity, of its goodness and beauty," Pope said Jun 11 during his Angelus address.

"But this - as Paul himself testifies - passes necessarily through the experience of the mercy of God, of his pardon."

The Pope's address on Trinity Sunday reflected on the "mystery of the identity of God," which so affected St. Paul.

"God is not distant and closed in on himself," Francis reflected, "but rather is the Life which wishes to communicate itself; he is openness; he is the Love which redeems man's infidelity."

God's revelation "has come to completion in the New Testament thanks to words of Christ and to his mission of salvation," he said.

Christ "has shown us the face of God, One in substance and Triune in Persons; God is all and only Love, in a subsisting relationship that creates, redeems, and sanctifies all: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.