From the Parish Priest

Greetings to you dear parishioners!
I pen my first message to you with a deep sense of joy and gratitude to the Lord for this wonderful opportunity I've been given to partake and assist you in your spiritual journey from this renowned parish. I pray that the Lord, who does not call the equipped but equips the called, will be my guide as we journey together supporting one another. I am sure you will collaborate with us and we can all work harmoniously towards doing the will of the Father at all times. No one ever perfected in doing the will of Father as our Lord Jesus did. He came to do the will of the Father and in all His earthly life never once did He lose His focus on doing God's Will. Even on the cross, filled with agony and pain, He said, “Not my will; but Yours be done.” For this supreme outlook, Jesus' docile submission was asserted, affirmed and strengthened by the heavenly Father and by the descent of the Holy Spirit.
As we celebrate the feast of the Pentecost we ask for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon the new Parish Team and upon Holy Ghost Parish, to stir us all to make it more vibrant to do His will in building the faithful.
I am also happy to have with me Frs. Lawrence, Robert and Louis Raj to help me in this huge responsibility. I must confess that I have not come with any master plan for the parish. But I am convinced that I have come to do the Master's plan which is to 'smell the sheep, soil the hands, and to open the doors to the needy'. “A shepherd after the heart of God has a heart sufficiently free to set aside his own concerns; a Good Samaritan who seeks out those in need,” said Pope Francis adding that “Jesus' heart had two great riches: God the Father and His people.” It is my belief that this should be the focus of a priest's heart too. I am aware that this focus could easily be diverted and diluted if not strengthened by prayer and grace. Beginning my tenure I therefore seek your prayers and together with mine we can continue to build God's kingdom in our wonderful Holy Ghost Parish!

Yours in Christ our Redeemer,
Fr. Anthony Swamy C.Ss.R
Parish Priest