From the Parish Priest

       Christmas is again in our midst with its glory which invites us to celebrate the birth of Christ with great Joy. We are called to live as brothers and sisters in universal brotherhood of peace and joy. Glory to god in the highest, and peace to people of good will is the song sung by the angels at the birth of the savior at Bethlehem. God meets His people in His son Jesus. The Master’s plan is revealed in Christ by word becoming flesh among us. He comes with the message that we are children of light and not darkness. He will reveal to one who believes in Him the plan of the heavenly father to walk in faith in the year to come. We are the chosen ambassadors like the shepherds and the wise men who carried the message of Christ’s birth to the whole world. It also challenges us to be a sign and messengers of hope to today’s world we live in. Come let us welcome Him and walk with Him into this new year of 2020.

        I pray that as we celebrate the birth of our savior Immanuel in our midst, may we understand the true message of word becoming flesh for the unwanted, oppressed, and downtrodden of the society around us. Real Christmas is in sharing, sacrificing and reconciling with God and our neighbours. As Christ is born with a mission, may we share in the mission of Christ in realizing the kingdom of God he has come to establish.

        While we are planning and executing many activities in our parish during this season of Advent and Christmas, let each celebration be meaningful that unites families, strengthens one’s faith and spreads peace.

       We will also be celebrating the annual Feast of Mother of Perpetual Help in the month of January 2020. We pray to Baby Jesus for His guidance and blessing to have a meaningful feast with great novena.

       It’s my privilege along with my co-pastors, to express our gratitude as the year comes to an end, for all your prayers, support and cooperation in doing pastoral ministry in this parish. Come! Let us continue to journey into the New Year to grow in our spiritual life knowing the master’s plan revealed in His Son Jesus born for us. May His will be done. May His Name be glorified.



Fr. Anthony Swamy, C.Ss.R

Parish Priest